Process Management Tool For Art School Student & Teacher

July - September 2018  |  UI/UX Design | School project
Designer: Liang Yicheng


"Atelier" is a process management and communication tool for art, design and other courses. It is aimed at teachers and students who studying in art school.

There are different versions for teacher and student.
The version that teachers to use can manage student’s process, and the version that students to use can manage their own work & schedule.

What are the problems in the art/design creative process in school?

1. Due to time intervals, distances, etc., the teacher may not understand the production of the student's subject.
2. It is difficult for students to get real-time feedback from teachers.
3. It is easy to ignore the importance of the process when students make their work.

How to solve it?

Students can upload the reference, material, draft and other production processes of the subject, so that both the teacher and the student can smoothly communicate the work.

You can also record ideas, drafts, and reference materials in the process to increase the persuasiveness of your work.

User Persona & Needs

Teacher's needs
Teacher needs to manage multiple courses and the progress of each group or individual in the course.
There is also a need for detailed feedback and guidance on the student's work, such as labeling, drawing, and so on.

Student needs
The drafts, reference materials, and finished products of student works are too much and difficult to manage.
Therefore, Students need to manage the data by project, timeline, label, etc.
And they need to communicate more with teachers and get feedback.

Sato Ichiro

41 year-old

Associate Professor, Yokohama University of Fine Arts, Teacher in graphic design and illustration direction

Behavior and goalsSato is the teacher of the graphic design and illustration course. He teaches more than ten students in the course and attends classes every Thursday afternoon. There are also other teaching tasks and their own creative work. Sato hopes that students can find their own creative style and personality, and work hard for it.


20 year-old

Sophomore student at Yokohama University of Fine Arts. She like to paint illustrations, and  working in a coffee shop

Behavior and goalsShe is working on a topic related to graphic illustrations, reporting only on weekly classes, and rarely using line to contact the teacher. She is not good at discussing her work with people, just wants to make a good work, for which she draws a lot of drafts.

The Solutions

Divide students and teachers to solve their problems.
Student Version

The student can upload any progress in the form of text, pictures, draft drawings, etc., and use the "tag" to control the classification of the data.

Project list

Information presented as a card
Detail page for text contet

Upload draft

Upload Text & image
Teacher Version

The teacher check the contents that uses three levels of "course-member-member progress" to refine management, and can mark and feedback on progress to students easier.

Course list and progress check

Specific content of the process
Mark and feedback student work
Course setting


Student Version

Teacher Version

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