Use AR technology to freely graffiti on the wall and feel the city and creativity.

May - June 2017  |  UI/UX Design  |  Design chanllenge & practice
Designer: Liang Yicheng


No matter which space you are in, which wall you face, you can let your graffiti creativity play freely and create interesting works of art.

Through GPS information, you can also find interesting works nearby. Of course, you can also use the AR camera to see their graffiti on the spot. This will create a creative community, such as a cafe or a store to create your own art icon to attractive people.

We need to think again about the meaning of "graffiti" for a city, which is also the root of the concept of "Doodle".

Fieldwork in Shibuya (渋谷)

This design chanllenge was started when I participated in a service design learning session with the theme of "Enjoying Shibuya".

On the streets of Shibuya, you can see interesting graffiti everywhere. Although the government regards this as a problem, it is undeniable that "graffiti" has become part of the popular culture of Shibuya. In the process of field research, I also noticed the rich graffiti on the wall in the process of feeling various subcultures. However, the government has now banned random graffiti.

The Solution

So, what kind of method can enjoy the graffiti while not violating the government regulations?

What’s the Doodle?

Doodle is a service that can use AR technology to graffiti, enjoy the city and creativity.

The structure of the APP consists of "recommended graffiti spot", "graffiti map", "AR camera", "AR graffiti tool", notifications, and profile.

Video & AR Prototype

To better communicate the product scene, I used Unity and Qualcomm's AR engine to create a simple AR prototype and produced a story-based video prototype.

The Story
When she was playing in Shibuya, she received a notice from the nearby cafe that there was an AR graffiti. So I followed the navigation to the cafe. After ordering, she opened Doodle and found the AR graffiti on the nearby wall. She thinks this experience is very interesting.

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