QQ PINYIN in Sogou

QQ PINYIN for Android V 5.3.0

July - October 2015  |  UI Design  |  Sogou EDC Internship
Designer: Liang Yicheng
Product Manager: Li Xiang

QQ Pinyin is a Chinese input method for pc and Android phone.
During my internship at Sogou EDC, I worked with the product, engineering and design teams to drive the visual and experience optimization of the product. During the period, I mainly participated in the revision of the QQ PINYIN PC V5.1 and Android V5.3.0.

Project 1


The design style of the old version of the PC version of the QQ PINYIN is gradually outdated, and the brand image cannot be conveyed, so we need to improve.

But at the same time, it is also necessary to retain the impression and good reputation of the QQ PINYIN in the user's minds of "classic", "simple" and "focus on type".



Improve the brand image, senses and typing experience through design revisions.

Design style issues

For example, the default status bar and input box are outdated and not personalized.

Visual unification issues

For example, the secondary menu and the right-click menu use the default style of windows.
Setup Wizard

There is no setup wizard for new users.

Visual and experience improment

Project 2

QQ PINYIN for Android V 5.3.0 |  Personalization


This revision mainly focuses on the visual "personalization".

We use the “keyboard store”, “custom wallpaper keyboard”, “custom color keyboard” to achieve the purpose of user personalization, but at the same time do not conflict with the original design style.


Solve the problem of "how users find or make their own favorite skin", and ensure a smooth user experience and consistent design style.

Custom Color Keyboard

Design execution strategy

After the user selects the color, how to make the system color matching?

① Appropriate use of the reverse color set by the user.

② Adjust the brightness or transparency appropriately.

③ In addition to the keyboard, the color is adapted to the option pane.

Different color keyboard

Setting the color of the button in the color keyboard

Visual and experience improment



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